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“Giving You the Keys to a New Life”

A little about us

A New Life Home Rehab Group, Inc. provides transitional and affordable housing for Veterans, families, and single parents in the DeKalb and Metro Atlanta. Transitioning from the military to the civilian way of life is a process for all veterans to conquer. Our goal is to assist them in becoming productive civilians and citizens. We have too many untapped resources for veterans because of the lack of guidance in where to access support and means to shift back into normal life.


Our main purpose is to serve our veterans with a more fluid transition back into everyday living.ANLHR Group offers transitional and affordable housing as our main service. 80 percent of the veterans are eligible for services through the VA in Atlanta. Only 32 percent are accessing those support services. There is a clear, major disconnect in services provided versus information provided to actually receive these services, creating an even larger issue of homeless veterans. With less stress of having to seek suitable living for themselves and their family, our group provides a peace of mind while each veteran is preparing to re-enter into civilian life. We want to also assist each veteran with identifying their job training skills, provide a well-balanced diet, appropriate attire, and transportation.

We are here to prevent our fellow veterans, from not only falling victim to homelessness, but also supporting and addressing issues that veterans are faced upon release from the military such as: time out of the workforce, social assimilation, and the lack of resources to be a confident and competent civilian. We are here to provide the keys to a new life.
“No one is useless in this world, who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens