A New Life Home Rehab Group Housing Program




Recognizing that the acquisition and retention of suitable, affordable housing is one of the major challenges confronting many ANLHR residents, the organization helps to assist working veterans with families with children, and single acquire and maintain adequate housing.


A New Life Home Rehab Group offers:

  • Comprehensive housing counseling services
  • Rent and security deposit assistance
  • Mortgage delinquency and default resolution
  • Landlord/tenant negotiation
  • Emergency housing referral assistance
  • Loan and grant program applications
  • Pre-purchase counseling
  • Post purchase counseling
  • Budget counseling


Along with homebuyer education, ANLHRG also offers down payment and closing cost assistance through the Growing Homeowners Initiative in cooperation with various homebuyer programs within DeKalb and Greater Metro Atlanta. All financial assistance is contingent upon program eligibility criteria and the availability of funding.

Additionally, ANLHRG owns and manages affordable rental housing located throughout DeKalb and Greater Metro Atlanta. ANLHRG co-owns and manages apartment buildings located in DeKalb and Greater Metro Atlanta. ANLHRG also offers first-time homebuyer assistance.

For additional information submit inquiries to emailus@www.anlhrgroup.com