• Housing

ANLHR Group offers rehabilitated, structured housing for veterans who are in need of a stable living environment upon transitioning out of the military. The length of stay varies, and is dependent on the circumstances of the individual veteran or family. The overall mission is to have the veteran transition through, and complete programs offered by ANLHR Group within 12 to 18 months. The program name is significant, because it combines many important aspects of transitioning back into civilian life. In a structured living environment, you will be expected to report your progress in job search, participating in group or individual counseling, giving back by completing volunteer hours, as well as being physically active in order to create and maintain healthier habits.
  • Support Groups

ANLHR support Group was founded and established by an organization of strong leaders, business professionals and compassionate people. We believe it takes a village to truly raise a well-rounded community. We have created a support group to listen to the veterans, and the veteran family members tell their stories to receive guidance, comfort, and ways to cope with the struggles that many face upon transitioning from the military into the civilian way of life. We also developed the support group to take the stories, experiences, and concerns to evolve ANLHR Group resources to truly meet the needs of the veterans. These stories become the voice of our mission.
  • Health

Many veterans enter back into civilian life, not knowing exactly how to function, feel, or think like a civilian. From PTSD, emotional instability, nightmares, eating disorders, depression, ADD, inactivity, isolation, social anxieties, etc., many veterans need help to feel whole again or even just find a new self. We created a health program to coincide with our support group. We believe through physical activity such as yoga, meditation, circuit training and proper nutrition, we can serve our veterans by helping them discover a new sense of self.
  • Educational Resources

Many veterans are well educated individuals with great discipline and focus. Outside of what many people may believe, most veterans do not have a guidance counselor or advisor providing a step by step plan on what to do next after exiting a military branch. ANLHR Group has developed resources, and networks to assist veterans on many issues that they tend to face as they are transitioning back into civilian life. There are many services that are great in the world to improve the lives of our veterans, and we have resources to open the bridge between the source and the veteran. We are “Giving You the Keys to A New Life”.
  • Employment Resources

Our team at ANLHR Group is a collaboration of military veterans, education, finance, social services, health, business, entrepreneurial, and marketing professionals. With seasoned professionals and many that have experienced the transition from military to the civilian workforce, we are determined to equip each veteran with training and resources that will assist them with seeking and acquiring long term employment. The employment program will walk them through the interview process, demonstrate ways to start and sustain your own business, assist with resume building, and provide hands on team building skills.